by admin on December 25, 2011

christmas eve. outfit

the best outfit i saw all week was not at a party, or a restaurant, or even on a woman.  rather, it was on a darling little girl whom hunter and esme spied while walking the scenic ave. pathway on christmas eve.   esme had noticed this girl going one way, and couldn’t quite get up the courage to ask her for a photo.  but then she saw her and her father again on the way back.  as esme passed this time she opined “nice outfit”.  she was rewarded with a smile from the girl and a request from the father to take a photo of the two of them.  perfect introduction!

it was a gorgeous sunny day and you could see the waves in the background.  esme took a couple on the father’s camera, and then asked if she could have one for the blog.  of course they said yes.

esme did not think to ask how old the girl was (i would guess somewhere between 8 and 10?).  nor did she have the presence of mind to inquire about the outfit, although she feels quite certain that the girl chose it herself.  indeed, she wore it with panache!

esme loved the simple black and red color scheme (so much classier than red and green).  the skirt was just the right length, and the subtle stiped pattern in the jacket added visual interest.  you can’t really tell in the photo, but the tights were actually a dark fuschia.  somehow they managed to flatter the red scarf rather than clash with it, and the little red hair-ornament was perfect.  and the black boots!  the texture of the scarf!  not to mention the little girl’s to-die-for hair!  perhaps part of what made the outfit wonderful was the dance of textures among the hair (tightly waved), the scarf (medium-sized squares) and the jacket (horizontal stripes).

and of course there was the girl herself, who had that je-ne-sais-quoi and is surely destined for a career in the world of fashion one day.




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