by admin on December 26, 2011

silver shirt

when esme and atelier de la Mer were preparing to present their final fashion show, they discussed what the members (other than the model, who, of course, was wearing the fabulous mermaid dress) should wear.  esme would have loved to have the mermaid dress she gave away years ago, but failing that, she decided that black pants and maybe a silver top would be ideal (the mermaid dress, as you may recall, being in silvery tones shot through with black).

the black pants were easy.  all of us tend to have a little collection of black pants, even though the perfect ones for a particular occasion can be elusive.  but esme searched her closet and drawers far and wide and could find nary a scrap nor a tittle of silver! lots of charcoal gray (esme’s current favorite color).  lots of black.  so esme did a quick survey of the thrift shops (which, as it happens, were about to close by the time she got there)—nothing.

nothing for it but to wear charcoal gray.  the quest, however,  left esme with a lingering desire for a silver shirt.  she’s been keeping an eye out as she peruses the shops, but has turned up empty.  either silver is out (which is hard to imagine) or everyone has snapped up all the silver tops before esme could get to them.

and then, look at the cover of vogue:  the perfect silver shirt.  and on meryl streep no less.  how about that one!

thinking silver,



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