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anthropolgie find

esme finds herself in an odd shopping mood.  on the one hand, she is truly trying to employ “conscious shopping” (see myyearwithoutclothesshopping by jill chivers).   this means that she thinks about what she sees, imagines what it might go with in her closet, asks herself if it fills a void (in her wardrobe, that is, not in her psyche!), considers whether there is something else upon which the money would be better spent, and almost always sleeps on it.  on the other hand, winter is her SEASON, there are amazing sales around, and even things that started out too costly just keep going down down down in price (if they’re still around).

so you can see the dilemma.  first let’s review the holes in esme’s wardrobe.  there aren’t too many at the moment, but there are a few.  just the right black turtleneck, which esme has been seeking for years.  a plain but soft black belt, not too narrow, not too wide, to hold up esme’s various pants that are half a size too big in order to insure comfort.  a classic blazer to go with jeans and pants and skirts.  and of course, shoes.  why should you be interested in the holes in esme’s wardrobe?  beats me….but perhaps it will help you analyze the holes in your own!

next, great sales.  get out there fast, because things really are getting sold.  esme took a little tour of anthropologie yesterday, and they have tons of stuff on sale….with racks of “50% off lowest marked price”.  now that’s a sale!  in fact, esme couldn’t resist a little ethnic-looking sweater that was a fraction of it’s original price, and will go with all her blacks, grays and tans.  did it fill a hole, you might ask?  well….mmmm…..not exactly….but it does go with EVERYTHING and mr. noir likes it!

sylvie is having her twice-yearly sale where things start out at 30% off and go down by 10% at intervals (esme has not yet figured out what the intervals are).  some of the pieces esme had her eye on have sold, but a few remain.  one is an eccentric pair of knit pants in a grayish-brown.  another is a black crea dress that both esme and roz tried on.  the latter would have to undergo a bit of tailoring, but it’s really cool and if the price goes down sufficiently……who knows?

interestingly enough, many of the pieces that have stuck in esme’s imagination over the last few months have been athletic-wear in origin.  there are a couple of patagonia jackets.  and definitely these knit-wool shirts by ibex, smartwool, and icebreaker.  is it too much to ask for treadmill to have a blow-out, everything 50% off sale?  probably, but esme can hope.  in the meantime, perhaps a trip to rei is in order.


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