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an array of jeans

a swimming buddy recently suggested that esme review the best places to buy particular items.  good year end idea, she thought.  such an endeavor is a bit tough on the monterey peninsula, as we have so many little boutiques and so few national stores. however, esme decided to give it the old college try.

first, a disclaimer:  if only we had nordstrom!  nordstrom is the go-to starting point for most any fashion quest, including jeans. so if you live near one, lucky you!

failing nordstrom, a person wishing to get the best overview of the world of jeans (let’s say you are sick and tired of your old style and want to start all over again investigating the options) will have to gird their loins and venture into macy’s.  if you like shopping without the interference of sales people, this is your place!  they have a decent petit section too.  so march on up to the 2nd floor, scan around to the section that has the most denim, and pick out a bunch in your various estimated sizes to try.

esme knows for a fact that macy’s has not-your-daughters-jeans (in regular and petit).  if you’re looking for a higher-waisted, tummy-tucking jean, this is a good place to start.  hudson’s in the crossroads, biba in pg, and parts unknown in carmel plaza also carry nydj’s.  btw, esme noted the other day as she was surveying sales in various stores, that several customers came in looking for higher-waisted jeans, so maybe this style really is trending upwards!

cj jeans are another good brand.  nordstrom carries them.  local boutiques that have them as well include:  the clothing store (pg) and b real (carmel).

anthropologie carries ag jeans (nice if you like a slim fit and a low rise).  banana republic and gap have good jeans at reasonable prices if their cuts (which seem to change frequently) happen to fit you.  esme’s son christophe swears by levi’s, but esme hasn’t tried them on in years.  of course you can find these at macy’s.

vitamina is another good brand, carried by stephan-cori, b real, and the clothing store.

anyone starting on a new jeans quest should be prepared to devote time and energy to the endeavor.  wear comfortable shoes that are easy to take off. bring a snack (or buy one).  sleep on any decision.  find places that take returns.  stop when your back (or knees or feet or hips or neck or….start to hurt).   if they have more than one jean in your size, try them all.  be sure to inquire whether the brand stretches or shrinks, but don’t take their word for it.  wear the jeans for several hours at home to test for stretching before taking off the tags. sit in them. stand in them.  imagine what they’ll feel like after dinner!

once you find a brand and size that suits you, feel free to try buying on-line.  i’m sure you know that each jean in unique, so look for sites (like zappos) that include free returns.

and pray that you don’t have to shop for jeans for at least another year!

goodness!  esme could write a dissertation on jeans, but she’ll stop here for now.



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