WHERE TO BUY WHAT: mad sales in s.f.

by admin on December 30, 2011

from jeremy's

esme has been experiencing SEVERE shopping envy even since she heard from 2 readers who found fabulous stuff on major sale in s.f.

first she heard from claire, who gushed:
OMG!!  (sale at jeremy’s, south of market)  I got 14 items for $23!!!
 Tahari blouse
Sigerson Morrison shoes originally $600
German cashmere sweater
Etc etc etc
 They had eskandar blouses (not my size) for $4!!
 It is so nice to not shop at a benefit shop.
esme is salivating at the very thought!

then she heard from sister roz, who made a trip to s.f. with a friend and found:

a 1/2 off sale at Modern Appealing Clothing.  It was so fun!  I bought two very severe, short straight dresses, one in a charcoal grey wool gabardine, and one in black cotton.  The charcoal one has an interesting neckline that ties in the back but is otherwise very plain; the black cotton one has an exposed zipper all the way down the back and small pockets.

modern apparel clothing

and this, just when esme had decided that she had found the secret to overcoming sibling rivalry and would never be plagued by it again!  (ok, you want to know the secret???  material for another blog-post!)

painting the town green,



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