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by admin on December 31, 2011

new year's eve dresses

esme thought she’d post this blog on new year’s eve. just in case you’re still looking for a little bling to wear to a party.  esme herself is going out for an early dinner and plans to accessorize one of her lbd’s (not yet sure which one).

you may have noticed that sparkle and shine are all the rage this year.  metallic fabrics, sequins, glitter…..i suppose a woman without a bit of glimmer might be able to fade into the background at a party and drink her champagne in peace.

dresses are hard to find.  of course if you have a nordstrom you could start there.  and try macy’s if all else fails.  however, there are a few local boutiques worth looking into.  and based on all the traffic in our tiny burb and on the highway, it seems that a lot of people are doing just that!

ok.  esme was looking for her silver blouse in p.g. the other day when she happened into a small store called nest.  in addition to regular clothes, they also carry wedding and special occasion gowns.  they had racks of these in the back room, now 50% off.  so check them out if you want something really fancy.

paloosh on ocean in carmel might be the best source for dresses here.  they carry dvf, among others.  but don’t expect to find something on sale–they don’t do sales.  there are these odd little stores called inago as well.  they carry all sorts of dresses and are fun to browse.  esme took a photo of a really cute marimekko dress (remember marimekko from the ’60’s?) that would be nice for spring.  nary a silver blouse anywhere, however!

marimekko dress

if you could find a silver blouse, you might dress it up with a black skirt and some hose or tights with a bit of shine.  skirts are easier to find than dresses and seem to come in all sorts of lengths, fabrics, and cuts.

happy shopping, and do let me know what you wear for new year’s!

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