by admin on January 1, 2012

gap favorite t

ok, this is an easy one:  gap favorite t’s.  esme has searched and searched, and for her money, these are the most flattering, the sturdiest, and the cheapest.  they do have a relatively high neck, so if you don’t look good in a crew they may not be for you.

in which case you might try:  3 dot.  these come in all sorts of neck-lines, including boat-necks, and all sort of colors.  for esme, the necks don’t tend to work, and the fabrics seem to be either too thick or too thin.  however, she knows that 3-dot is perfect for some.  locally, SHE and the treadmill carry them.

another one to explore is majestic.  these are a bit pricey, but the colors are nice, as is the fabric.  for esme they have tended to be a bit too thin and too clingy, but she is hoping to find just the right one one of these days.  a friend was wearing a lovely purple turtleneck that turned out to be majestic.  in carmel, SHE and rittmaster carry them.

majestic turtleneck

wow…this one was short and sweet.  if you have any other t-shirt recommendations, do let esme know!

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