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lloyd's on ocean

despite it’s tiny size, carmel has some great places to buy shoes.  in fact, based on the crowds swarming lloyds on ocean, i’d say some people might even use carmel as a shoe-buying destination!  you can always scan macy’s, but recently esme has found it pretty…..feh.  on a trip up to the bay area awhile back, esme was not even that impressed with nordstrom’s shoes, although she has fond memories of the sales at the stonestown nordstroms when the noirs lived in s.f.

so, go to lloyd’s.  they usually have a sale section, and right now are having a big winter sale.  they carry high-end brands such as arche, theirry rabotin, and taryn rose, some comfort brands (merrill and arcopedico among others), and a nice selection of frye boots.  service is excellent, although clearly they have pegged esme as an infrequent buyer and leave her to her own devises, which is fine with her!

another great store is hedi’s in the barnyard.  they also have a store on ocean, a store in the del monte shopping center, a shop in downtown monterey and an “outlet” across from their barnyard store.  they have a fabulous selection of comfort shoes, as well as fashion shoes.  the salespeople are knowledgeable about all sorts of foot problems, and often the owner and his family will be working there.  the outlet (open thurs.-sun.) has incredible deals.  there is a rack where all the shoes are $40 and a second pair goes for $20.  esme has racked up a lot of expenses this way (ha ha!).  brands include joseph siebel, ecco, arche, mephisto, dansko, reiker and the like.

hedi's in the barnyard

stephan cori now has a nice little selection of shoes (they just started stocking cydwalk) and SHE has interesting ballet flats.  oh, and don’t forget to make a trip to pacific grove and check out the shoes at marita’s!  that’s where esme found her allegro mary janes.

following recent trips to both hedi’s outlet and the sale rack at lloyd’s, esme could easily have spent….oh….$500 or more on shoes, but she didn’t.  so people, get out there and snap up those shoes to help keep esme safe from them!

happy shoe-shopping,



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