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lots of thierry rabotin shoes

speaking of lloyd’s shoes, esme learned a valuable lesson there the other day.  it came about as she was watching a well-put-together woman of a certain age trying on shoes.  off in a corner by herself, she was surrounded by perhaps 15 pairs of theirry rabotin, taryn rose and anyi lu shoes, all arrayed in a half-moon pattern.  of course this immediately caught esme’s eye.  how esme wished she could snap a photo, but she felt it would have been rude to ask.  the woman explained that one side contained the “no’s” (these were shoes that she already had), while the other side contained the “yes'” and “maybe’s”.  she later brought….oh….10 pairs up to the cash register, and bought them on the spot.

boy was esme ever impressed.  now that, she thought, is the way to buy shoes.  the saleperson agreed sotto voce, noting that this was how the woman proceeded every time she came in.  (quite unlike esme, mind you, who comes in and tries on 3 or 4 pairs and then goes home to sleep on the matter—purgatory for the salesperson!).

esme could not get the episode out of her head.  she began to meditate on what her purchases would be like if she had unlimited funds to spend on her wardrobe.  perhaps she would actually buy fewer, rather than more garments.  perhaps she would even spend less money in the long run.  (well, the latter is a bit doubtful).  what she imagines would be true is that she would not buy anything unless she really really liked it and knew she’d wear it.   of course she would not buy something just because it was on sale.  perhaps she would not buy something just because it was there and it looked good.  she could always imagine that there might be a better version elsewhere.  and with her infinite budget she’d hold out for the best.

so now esme has been considering 2 guidelines as she shops:  would she buy it if she had unlimited funds? and, does it add something to her existing wardrobe?  even if esme had unlimited funds, she is not one of those shoppers who accumulates outfits with the tags still on in her closet.  indeed, she’d rather her closet were simple and uncluttered. of course, if she had unlimited shopping funds she would most certainly have a bigger closet. but still, she would not want a closet like the library of babel (borges’s fictional account of a library containing all the knowledge in the world).

closet of babel?

what do you think, readers?  have you ever given this approach a try?

trying a new approach,



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