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matching bra and panties

esme is suffering from a winter cold today, so she’ll make this brief (ha ha!!).  a comfortable bra that fits well is a must in any woman’s wardrobe.  if you have to spend a bit of money for this crucial item, don’t feel guilty.  your profile will thank you.  if you can find a bra that also looks sexy, more power to you—your fellow gym members (and your significant other) will thank you!  and if you can find some matching panties—oooh la la!

the first step is to find a good bra-fitter.  nordstrom’s prides itself on bra-fitting, so try them if you can.  small local boutiques are also excellent.  sylvie, owner of intima in carmel, is particularly gifted in this regard.  (LOCALS NOTE:  GREAT SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW AT INTIMA--be there or be square! or bare, or…something). and esme has found that soma is not bad in the bra-fitting arena.

keep in mind that most american women wear bras that are too large in the band and too small in the cup.  for example, you may be wearing a 34c while you are actually a 32d (trust me on this one).  the european brands carry such exotic sizes as 30 EE and F, 32 G and so on!  (if you are below a 30 you may be out of luck:  your only recourse will be to gain 5 or 10 lbs and hope it goes around your ribs).

other considerations include the style of the bra:  balconnette, half-cup, full-cup, molded, unmolded, padded, etc.  esme has found that she can only wear bras that have the straps placed quite close to the middle of the cup, otherwise they fall off her shoulders.  on the other hand, she was talking to a woman who has the opposite issue:  she can only wear bras with wide-placed straps (lucky her as there are a lot of really pretty bras in this style).  it has to do with shoulder/rib ratios, how one’s breasts fall, and other subtleties that only a good bra fitter can ascertain.

keep in mind also that the more you love a bra, the more quickly it will wear out.  so if you find a really good one, try to buy 2.  esme has been in mourning for several lovely european bras that were one-off’s and can’t be replaced.  she tends to like ones with whimsical patterns and seams in the cup–apparently these don’t tend to be classics.

once you know your size in a particular style and brand, it can certainly be worthwhile searching the internet (and even macy’s) for deals.  try barenecessities.com or figleaves.com.  google your favorite brand.  try the nordstrom’s website.

panties are a whole ‘nother issue.  we all have our favorite styles.  esme is not a thong-girl, which is a pity, as thongs seem to have taken over the panty market (why this could possibly be the case is quite beyond esme’s comprehension).  try to find panties that match or co-ordinate with your bra—you’ll feel much more…put together.  and don’t pay attention to size.  esme, who as you know is pretty small, often wears a medium in undies.

well, that’s more than enough for a brief post!

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