by admin on January 5, 2012

not this exact one, but...

esme was trolling the web yesterday (i suppose you could say this was her first mistake) after writing about how one should buy 2 if one finds a great bra.  well, my current favorite is sold out in my size at intima, and it took me thirty minutes or so to locate one on the net.  so, they seem to be hard to come by, and probably won’t last the month.

however, esme seems to have joined a blog community that’s circulating notions such as “shopping abstinence” and “conscious shopping”.  from angie cox at youlookfab.com esme learned of imogen cunningham at insideoutstyle and perhaps it was from imogen that she learned of jill chivers and myyearwithoutclothesshopping, and maybe from her to the viviennefiles.  vivienne has been on a shopping fast for several months and posts interesting observations about it.  jill chivers has made a compelling study of the steps needed to curtail addictive shopping.  and both imogen and angie are big advocates of the conscious approach to shopping.  who can argue?

esme has been trying to apply some of the conscious shopping principles to her own endeavors.  after a little last-ditch bargain hunting at sylvie (more on that later) esme had decided not to buy anything for the rest of the month.  does she need bras?  well, kind of…….will their purchase put her over her monthly budget?  uh…yeah.  will she regret not buying them when they disappear from the market?  yup.

what would YOU do?  and yoo hooo angie, imogen, jill and vivienne–advice please?




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