by admin on January 6, 2012

imagine esme in these!

here is esme pretty much knocked out of commission in both mind and body by a nasty cold, when what does she recall while scanning her email in the morning?  a fabulous dream!  this one has got to bode well.  esme dreamed that her childhood best friend was hosting a talk-show.  she had had a make-over and looked fantastic!  and what was she wearing on her feet but christian louboutin shoes!  you know, those really high ones with the red soles that oprah wears???

well, after the show, esme’s friend (who, in the dream, wore a size 7, half a size bigger than esme) encouraged esme to try on her shoes.  esme slipped on the magic slippers and guess what?  they were actually comfortable!  the toes were wide even though the shoes were high, and the platform made them stable (esme has never been able to believe it when people say this in real life).  and oh my, how great they made both esme and her friend look!  esme was positively transformed!

or these!

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