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by admin on January 7, 2012

costco speedo

january might not be the month when most people shop for swimming suits, but for us regular lap-swimmers, the dire need for a new suit can occur at any time of year.  in fact, perversely enough, esme thinks one’s suits tend to wear out faster in the winter.  mine are certainly on their last legs.

i have one back-up suit which i plan to break out when my old ones become embarrassingly see-through (note:  ask your colleagues to check the backs for you).  one can still wear a suit that is a) faded, and b) stretched out, but once they have become transparent you must take action.  and of course, if you are single and have a crush on someone in the pool, you probably will have taken action much sooner.  (mr. noir doesn’t swim laps, so esme is safe).

the thing is, it’s hard to find a source for swim-suits in the winter.  however, claire has informed me that the local costco has their bargain speedo’s in stock.  these are usually great.  for about 20 bucks you can buy a suit that oddly enough looks good on almost every body—from an esme-type to a claire-type and in-between.  i lost my favorite (quite worn-out) one a few weeks ago by wrapping it in a towel to dry and accidently throwing it in the dirty-towel bin!  try not to do this, swimmers!

you can also find on-sale speedo’s at big 5 (although i haven’t looked recently).  locally, the treadmill carries swim-suits year-round, but they tend to be expensive.  they do have a good selection of goggles–a must-have for swimming in a chlorinated pool.

one of my swimming buds swears by swimoutlet.com.  she gets fabulous patterned suits that fit her perfectly.  esme has not yet had the courage to buy swim-suits on-line, as she was traumatized by an experience with land’s end years ago (those suits made esme look horrible!). swimoutlet.com also has swimming accessories such as rash-guards, warm-up parkas, caps, goggles, etc.  esme has had her eye on a long warm-up parka for the last year.  only problem is:  what to do with it when you take it off to swim in a rainstorm?

swim parka

the only place we swimmers have found that carries zip-up rash-guards is still coolibar.com.  theirs are pricey, but if you have any trouble with your back or neck, you’ll find that the ease of entry and exit with these rash-guards is worth it’s weight in gold.  plus, they’re really cute—esme particularly likes the purple one.

if any swimmers out there have other sources, do let esme know.  she plans to shop for a new suit as soon as she is over this nasty cold!

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