by admin on January 9, 2012

herding dog

sometimes esme just cracks herself up……ha ha ha ha ha!….and this is one of them.  how about a breed of closet-culling dogs?  you’ve got your dogs that hunt ground animals (terriers), your duck-hunting dogs (retrievers), your herders (shepherds).  why not a kind of shepherd-terrier mix that could herd out all your unused garments and gather the good ones into a nice pile?

any dog worth it’s salt could sniff out which garments you wear the most.  in fact, hunter thoroughly sniffs any new purchase i bring into the house (no way to sneak anything by THAT one!).  this dog could just smell the love in the fibers of your apparel!  and unlike some people, dogs are very decisive!   he or she could be trained to line the good ones up by color or at least put them in an orderly pile.  folding might be too much to expect, but you never know.

and the old, rarely worn, or just “off” garments could be dispatched post-haste by a bit of shaking and chewing!  you’d never need to worry about them again!  as an aside, i will tell you that hunter NEVER chews clothing, but i’m sure he could be trained to do so if necessary.  the only thing he destroys are his very own dog-toys.  anyone who’s ever been to our house can attest to his thoroughness.

dog toys

perhaps a particularly gifted dog could even be trained to shop with you.  he or she might be able to tell in advance which garments would become the dearly beloved and which would be destined for the chew-pile.  in carmel, dogs are welcome in most shops.  in fact, many stores have water dishes and treats for them.  i suppose one would have to be careful that the presence, absence, or quality of treats would not bias the dog.

ok mr. hunter—ready to shop??

chuckling all the way,



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