by admin on January 10, 2012

technology tantrum

i just KNEW this would happen!  esme downloaded a cool little app on her iphone called idresser.  it’s supposed to help you photograph all your clothing and then mix and match the pieces on-screen.  cool, right?  however, not so cool for the over-50-technologically-challenged!!  esme couldn’t figure out how to work it!!  her eyes glazed over as she tried to read the instructions.  and christophe has gone back to college, so he’s no help.

in addition, esme needs to make all sorts of changes to her blog (including getting her ads and her site-meter back on there, finding a way to make her photo’s enlargeable, etc.).  she has made stabs at all these projects, with absolutely no luck!  writing is one thing.  working the technology is another.  and yet the modern blogger would love to have all the fab technology that’s out there at her fingertips.

indeed esme may be forced to hire a tech person.  but she’s been unable to locate one who is nearby and knows wordpress.  anyone know one?  omg….esme is about to have a tantrum!!!



p.s. just as esme was about to despair, she came across a utube video about how to operate idresser.  maybe this will at least give her a start!


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