A NEW FAVORITE BLACK TOP (and this one’s smart!)

by admin on January 12, 2012

smart wool top

as you know, esme wore her gap favorite t almost every day during the summer and fall.  come winter, however, she’s had her eye on something warmer.  not that’s it’s been really winterish here—we haven’t had one bit of rain—but morning and evening temps have been quite chilly.  esme has been pulling out her small collection of wool and cashmere sweaters, but these require dry-cleaning and are a bit dressy for daily wear with jeans.

some months ago she had tried on some “smart wool” tops at the treadmill.  these are sweaters and t-shirts made of very light, washable wool.  esme had been intrigued, but couldn’t quite bring herself to pay full-price for a wool sweater in summer.  cold temperatures and a bit of ennui with her favorite t’s changed her mind.  she returned to the treadmill to try on various permutations of the smart wool tops (crew neck, zip-up, black/gray/purple), finally settling on a cozy little half-zip mock turtle in (what else?) black by ibex.

unzipped, it has a flattering v-neck.  it can even be a bit risque depending on how far you unzip.  zipped up, it cuts the wind and cold under a jacket.  esme has noted that the rather tight neck creates an unfortunate turkey-neck effect when fully zipped, so she tries to reserve this look for walking the dog with a parka on top!  this design flaw could be easily remedied by making the neckline just a smidge wider.  (are you listening, ibex?).

anyway, the smart wool top has become esme’s daytime favorite—one of those things that you are reluctant to part with for even as long as it takes to go through the wash.  it must be hung to dry, so this takes even a bit longer.  this wool is so smart it has wormed it’s way into esme’s heart!  she would love to find an on-sale source for a few more of these garments (remind her to check rei).

don’t worry, gap favorite t—your time will come again!

trying not to play favorites,




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