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ok. esme gave the idresser app the old college try.  she even kind of figured out how to work it.  and it was really cool while it worked!  however, sometimes even the non-tech-savy woman can relieve herself of frustration and guilt by realizing that the app (or program) has a bug!!!  it’s not your fault!!  this is what happened to esme.

she had just photographed her most frequently worn pieces (leaving, she noted, a closet-full of others behind) and was playing around with learning to create outfits when the app just locked up.  the screen became partially black and all you could see was a thin line through which the colors of the clothing were barely visible.  turning various things on and off, rebooting, etc. did nothing.

so, much as it pained her thrifty nature, esme decided she’d download another $3.99 app (stylebook) that had been recommended on-line.  oh my, this one seemed to work a lot better.  it had sub-categories for one’s clothes (under “tops” it has t-shirts, blouses, sleevesless, etc.).  it hasn’t locked up (yet).  and operation seems a bit more intuitive, although esme hasn’t quite figured out how to combine items to create outfits.  then, she’ll have to figure out how to get the outfits onto the computer so as to share them with her readers!

anyway, esme is here to tell you that the inventorying and photographing of her clothes has been quite fun and even rather addicting.  she became so wrapped up in the process that she and mr. noir almost missed the happy hour at il fornaio, where you can get delish individual pizzas for 5 bucks!

the inventory process is quite eye-opening.  esme seems to have acquired an amazing collection of gray and black pants in various states of bagginess–almost indistinguishable from each other in the photos, if not in real life!!  and another collection of gray and black sweaters and blouses and jackets.  ok.  i had the feeling i didn’t need any more gray, but this confirms it!

grays and blacks

so far, esme’s photographed articles are draped over the dining room chairs, leaving a bit of breathing room in her still-full closet.  mr. noir is unlikely to tolerate this for long, but so far he hasn’t said anything.

clicking and snapping in my sleep,



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