by admin on January 14, 2012

first look

what a kick!  esme now has a great activity to work on when waiting for a haircut, at the doctor’s office, etc.  just like the twenty-somethings, she can be found at all hours tapping away on her iphone.  it’s enough to make one feel young again (except that after an hour or so esme’s neck aches, her back aches, etc.).  oh well, everything in moderation.

esme has really just gotten started on the project of photographing everything in her closet (maybe she should have gotten the iphone with a larger memory after all??).  she’s done black and gray trousers, some blouses, a few pairs of jeans, and some shoes.  it has become apparent that there are tricks to the photography part.  while anything with a print comes out quite well in the photos, anything dark and solid (which is 99% of esme’s wardrobe) comes out looking like everything else.

esme is experimenting with hanging photos vs. photos of garments lying flat. christophe’s bed has been commandeered for the latter.   she’s been using a light background for dark clothes.  and lighting is such a complex issue that she hardly knows where to start.

then there is the “eraser” feature of the stylebook app.  this allows one to smudge out the background in one’s photos so that the viewer sees only the garment.  some people might find the process frustrating, but esme is having fun with it.  you use your finger to trace around the clothing and delete the surround.  finger-painting for adults!  of course it’s not perfect:  sometimes you accidentally erase part of your garment (!) and it’s hard not to leave a little edge around it.  thankfully, the undo button works wonders.

esme just learned how to combine articles into a “look”.  and all it takes is the press of a button on your iphone to send the look to your computer.  cool!

isn’t technology fab when it works??

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