by admin on January 15, 2012

turn into a tree?

ok, i know this is morbid and even gross but i simply could not resist writing about it!  sadly, mr. noir has some gravely ill relations.  we were discussing our thoughts and feelings about the situation and i realized that i was ignorant about mr. noir’s own wishes for burial.  esme has always (since about the age of 7) wanted to be buried in the earth under a tree.  perhaps wrapped in purple and black silk.  her essence to be transformed into another living form.  but what does mr. noir imagine?

this was not a comfortable topic.  for one thing, we have tended to focus on the WHERE of burial.  the noirs have a family plot in chicago, but esme clearly imagines coming to her final rest by the sea.  what to do?  but leaving aside the where for a moment, esme wondered whether mr. noir imagined burial, cremation, scattering…..?

after a few impractical notions about being buried in a Ferrari (lovely i know, but really too expensive), mr.noir came up with a brilliant and extremely unusual idea.  now here’s the gross part:  my dearest husband imagined he’d like to be made into a kosher salami!  omg, this is soooo mr. noir!  any of you who have met the man will have to agree!  a true original!

made into a salami?

all is grist for the mill when one co-habits with a fashion blogger,



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