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cropped top on L

esme noticed an interesting trend in the latest vogue:  cropped tops.  these are sweaters, blouses or even color patterns that end somewhere around the bust-line.  the result (assuming that one wears a skirt or a pair of pants on the bottom) is a figure divided into thirds.  three’s have always had a certain magic.  there’s the rule of three, the rule of thirds, and there should be a third rule!

in general, esme would imagine that the cropped top looks best on those who are relatively skinny on top. however, esme has held onto a wonderful little cropped diana slavin sweater that she purchased in the early ’90’s.  it’s in a dark blue kind of nubby wool and has been rescued from the chopping block numerous times.  over the years, esme has wished that it were a) black and b) longer.

diana slavin cropped sweater ensemble

but this just might be a garment that has found it’s time!  esme wore it the other day over a blue print diana slavin blouse (probably purchased to go with it in fact) and a pair of dark blue european culture trousers.  she felt right on trend!  one could wear it with black trousers or even a skirt.  tall boots would continue the unbroken line of the bottom third.

check this out, readers.  are you ready for cropped tops?

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