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no seams

the things you learn these days!  after esme published yesterday’s post (where she jokingly proposed a disorder called extreme seam sensitivity disorder), she decided (just for a lark) to google “extreme skin sensitivity”.   well, what do you know.  there are all sorts of genuine medical conditions with extreme skin sensitivity as a symptom!

up popped several questions from mothers with small children who would throw tantrums when clothing touched their skin.  omg!  imagine the horror of one’s daily routine!  there was even someone attempting to design clothing for just these children.  esme does not recall such a problem as a child, except perhaps in the realm of shoes, where she attributed it to having wide toes.

skin sensitivity can be a symptom of autism.  it can also be a sign of vitamin b deficiency (which, when extreme, becomes beriberi).  shingles can cause it, as can something called RSD (for reflex sympathetic dystrophy).   for better or for worse, it’s highly unlikely that esme suffers from any of the conditions described.  so perhaps her skin sensitivity is, as they say, ideopathic.  the odd thing is, esme’s sister roz (who may have a mild version of the problem), reports that their other sister ruby has similar issues and can only wear soft cotton clothing!

which set esme to thinking that shopping for the sensitive of skin would be an interesting challenge for a personal shopper.  well, it’s essentially what esme has been doing for herself but without, until now, naming the process.  here’s the problem:  ones clothes have hang from somewhere.  this means that they must touch (even cling to) some part of the body!  this might be the waist, the hip, the bust-line or the shoulders.  (well, you could wear a sheet over your head with little holes cut out for the eyes, but this would be extreme, and esme suspects it would bother her scalp!).

goodness!  the issue of sensitive skin explains so much about esme’s history!  her shopping life is passing before her eyes in a totally new light!

enlightened but still puzzled,





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