A RETURN VISIT TO CHARTREUSE: poppies and pouches

by admin on January 20, 2012

crinkle cotton from quelques choses

yesterday esme made a  little trip over to pacific grove (this is what passes for traveling in her world these days) to spend some time with dorothy, proprietor of chartreuse, a charming store where she designs, sews, and sells her own lines of clothing.  their conversation ranged from travel (dorothy loves it and finds it calming while esme approaches it with anxiety), to the sensuousness of fabric (loved by both), to writing (easy for esme and hard for dorothy), to a shared tendency to faint at the sight of blood or gore. customers came and went and they were still talking.

dorothy has been working like a madwoman on her most recent line of clothing, quelques choses, a grouping of breezy and stylish cotton crinkle garments meant for travel (or just life).  the fabric has a marvelously soft yet crunchy feel, and drapes about the body with an almost sculptural quality. each piece comes in its own delicate little pouch, which both stores it tidily in a suitcase or drawer, and preserves it’s crinkle.

the fabric (especially one in a bright paprika) reminded esme of nothing so much as an icelandic poppy  just emerging from its bud.  dorothy was thrilled with this image, as it recalled childhood train-rides  in her native poland through fields of wild poppies in riotous bloom.  this in turn made esme realize that while her own medium is words (she really can’t design, draw or sew), she actually thinks in images.  or some combination of words and images.  or words which produce images, or vice versa…..in any case, a kind of word-and-image stew!

on a more practical note, chartreuse is having a nice sale, so get yourself down there to check out the merch.

dreaming of poppies,



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