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j press blazer

ever one to find philosophy in the frivolous or silliness in the serious, esme is finding it hard to tap into her usual style today.  her favorite (and only) father (and the favorite and only father of roz, rose and ruby) finds himself in the hospital today, awaiting word about possible heart surgery.  at the age of 86 this is a particularly daunting prospect.

esme’s father is a compact, vigorous guy with a dusting of freckles and a darling little fringe of curly red-gray hair—the remnants of a fantastic head of dark red curls that endured until he was ….oh….21 or so. ok, this is going to sound bizarre, but due to his coloring and his aura of cuddliness, as well as a habit of munching on sunflower seeds while storing the hulls in his cheek, esme’s father has been known for many many years as hamster (or hamst for short).  there, i’ve said it! the hamster is renowned for his smarts and his encyclopedic mind:  before we had google, all we’d have to do if we wanted to know something about anything, is call the hamster.

tennis-playing hamster

like mr. noir, the hamster’s sartorial style is traditional:  khaki pants, button-down shirts, brown loafers and tweed blazers.  in fact, some of his best blazers date back 50 years or more and were purchased at j. press in new haven!  he has a few scottish caps from a trip to scotland (of course).  up until very recently he would don a set of traditional whites (no longer required but still in fashion) to play tennis twice a week with a group of geezers of the same vintage.

everyone’s favorite hamster gave esme the best compliment the other day.  he told her that since he has been reading her blog (which he does faithfully) he pays greater attention to his dress.  indeed, he has been looking particularly natty in recent months.  perhaps when he recovers we’ll have to take him shopping for (gasp) a new blazer!

with a  hamster in my heart,



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