by admin on January 22, 2012

piglet pink

i’m sure you have noticed the fashion industry’s quest to find more and more…..unique….. color names.  pantone (or perhaps we should call them the color police) nominates something called tangerine tango as the color of the year for 2012.  it’s described as a “vivacious” reddish-orange guaranteed to take us into the new year with energy and verve (or something like that).  last year’s color was honeysuckle, a kinder gentler shade.

i don’t know whatever happened to red, blue, green, black, etc. but rest assured you will not find them in the vocabulary of fashion writers and advertisers.  every once in awhile, however, a truly brilliant color name appears.  esme happened upon one the other day when she poked her nose into the lulu lemon store while donating some discards to the neighboring thrift shop.  the salesperson told esme that lulu’s latest color news was a shade called “pig pink“.  esme fell in love on the spot.  visions of piglets with fuzz in their ears, clean piggy little trotters, and charming squeals arose in her mind.

unfortunately, the store did not yet carry an example of a garment in pig pink.  but esme found something just as good:  in her search for an iphone cover, she came across one in what she can only describe as pig pink, with a raised pattern of little roses!  bucking the disapproval of both christophe and mr. noir, she ordered it right away and now carries a bit of the pig (who is coming up roses) wherever she goes!

pink iphone cover

wallowing in pink,



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