by admin on January 23, 2012

orange sweater

esme must congratulate herself for predicting (many months ago) that orange was on the rise (see freelander orange).  she read somewhere that orange has been rated one of the least preferred colors by women.  this is easy to believe, as up until a few months ago, orange garments for women were as rare as hen’s teeth (that is if one had not had the foresight to save a few pieces from the ’60’s).  in search of just the right orange, esme’s eye would light upon a nice orange top, only to find, on closer inspection, that it was for men.

not anymore.  orange accents and even entire outfits abound!  and people seem to love them!  why just the other day esme was admiring an orange cardigan (paired with cream pants) on a mannikin in rittmaster on ocean ave. in carmel when a family with two elementary-school age girls walked by.  “mom, i want that sweater!” opined the elder, who might have been around 9.  now THAT is evidence of a trend on the rise (and of a successful window dressing).

not long ago, esme would so have been tempted to re-start her quest for the perfect orange blouse.  now however, she tells herself that living right in her own closet she already has the perfect orange accent pieces:  a 3/4 sleeve paprika cashmere sweater and a pair of reiker shoes in black with orange segments.  in fact, today (with rain dripping on the skylights) might be the perfect day to wear them both with her cj boyfriend jeans and a raincoat on top!

orange shoes

ever so orange,




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