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purple has been esme’s favorite color since….oh….let’s say the late ’70’s.  she doesn’t remember her first purple garment, but she imagines it was probably a silk blouse.  whenever esme enters a shop, she’s automatically drawn to anything purple.  purple in all it’s permutations just seemed to look right on esme.  that it is a color associated with healing and intuition didn’t hurt.

but a funny thing has happened in recent months:  esme finds herself experiencing a bit of purple-ennui.  it’s not that she DISlikes purple, but she simply isn’t finding it inspiring.  this is rather disconcerting.  for one thing, besides black and gray, purple is the one color that has a discernible presence in esme’s closet.  and when she shops, she tends to question how a particular item will go with purple.  so what now?

esme hates to admit it, but she’s starting to be attracted to various shades of (dark) blue.  blue has always seemed a bit blah.  and even though navy is a good color for esme, the difficulty of integrating it into a mostly black wardrobe has meant that the few navy pieces she has bought have tended to become orphans.

but the real reason that esme is reluctant to admit to her interest in blue is that blue is being promoted all over the fashion blogs and mags (you know….as in “marine blue is the new black”).  you could say either that esme has been sucked into the fashion advertisers’ spin, or that she is particularly sensitive to the zeitgeist of the time.  esme rather prefers the latter.


in the meantime, she has purchased (50% off of course) a pair of dark navy equestrian pants, and a blue denim blouse.  she has been busy pairing them with the few browns and tans in her closet, as well as with some of her blacks and grays.  navy and black together is perfectly legal these days, and navy and gray is not bad.  the only thing that’s not the best is blue with purple!

ah purple, you’ve served me well.  your time will come again.




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