by admin on January 25, 2012

esme's winter uniform

esme’s dear father (know as the hamster) will be having a cardiac stent put in, and esme and mr. noir are planning to go up to the bay area to take care of both parents.  they will be applying their hand-holding skills both in hospital and at the home.  of course they will want to pack light, and wear something sturdy but presentable.

esme has been going over the sartorial possibilities in her mind.  in the end, she figures she will be most comfortable in the latest iteration of her daily uniform:  boyfriend jeans, black smart-wool sweater, and reiker shoes.  she’ll bring along a black gap favorite t for the next day.  she certainly wishes she could wear her tighter nydj jeans, but they are just not quite comfortable enough and would be distracting.

the real problem is that her favorite animale red coat is not the right thing to wear on top:  too long.  esme so wishes she had a cropped version, or just the right blazer.  in fact, now she’s longing for the black-and-white-tweed she’s been following at madrigal–currently on sale but still WAY too expensive.  ah well……gray sweater?  gray silk ella moss jacket?  out-of-style-oversized black leather jacket?  throw a bunch of options in the car?  perhaps the hamster would lend her one of his 1950’s j. press blazers—now THERE’S a thought!

that one?

this one?

as you can see, obsessing about one’s outfit is good distraction in a stressful situation!

clothing is always part of the equation,




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