by admin on January 26, 2012

home neck-stretcher

perhaps you recall that esme’s black ibex sweater was perfect except for a somewhat tight neck.  well, ever the home inventor, esme found a little something around the house to fix that problem!  while hanging the sweater (upside down) to dry, esme placed a plastic 16 oz.  measuring cup in the neck!  it does look a bit odd, and esme’s was awoken from a nap one day by a small crash which turned out to be the cup falling out of the neck, but….it worked like a charm!  and a little fiddling fixed the tendency to crash.

now if only esme had a whole-body stretcher for her clothes!  she had conceived this idea a few years ago, when she had imagined some kind inflatable jeans-stretcher.  this would be ideal for someone who wants her clothes to just skim her body.  one would need a model of oneself that could be inflated or expanded just a fraction of an inch (or more or less as desired).  place damp clothes upon the model, inflate, and wait until they are dry.  almost as good as custom-tailoring!

if anyone knows how to made a gadget like this, let esme know asap!

always imagining,



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