by admin on January 28, 2012

hamster at home

mr. noir and esme (both from long-lived families) are finding many of their dearest relations bravely moving through their eighties.  some are ambling, some trudging, none are yet being wheeled, but none are exactly skipping.

the eighties just don’t seem to be an easy time of life.  on the one hand, you’re happy to be alive and kicking.  on the other hand, things are starting to fray at the edges.  you may have lost a few body parts that you wish you still had, and you may have gained a few metal bits and pieces that you wish you didn’t need.  you may need to keep getting larger and larger pill-dispenser-thingies to contain your growing list of pills.

esme’s dearest papa just came back from the hospital (looking pretty perky if i do say so) with 2 extra cardiac stents.  all of his care-takers seemed to think he looked like a young 86 (of course they didn’t realize he was a hamster!).  and it’s a good thing, because in esme’s family it’s a matter of pride to live at least into your mid-nineties with all your marbles in tact.

esme can only hope that she’s looking as good when she’s trying to dance (or swim) through the eighties herself!  certainly she already has enough clothes to last for decades, and most likely they’ll all be back in style by then.

showing a touch of silver,



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