by admin on January 29, 2012

french blue?

there is always more to learn about a person’s story.  although esme has known her mother for her entire life, and they have talked about just about everything, esme learned a new and interesting fact while providing care and hand-holding for her parents.  perhaps you recall that esme was discouraged from wearing pink as a child.  in those days, esme’s mother positively disapproved of the color pink, leaving esme with a life-long longing for it!

well, it turns out that esme’s very own mother had the same problem with HER mother, except that it concerned the color blue.  esme’s grandmother was always trying to get her daughter to wear pink!  esme’s mother loved BLUE, but was forbidden to wear it!  i don’t know the reason, but i’d guess perhaps she thought that blue was for boys.  i’m quite sure that esme’s uncle was free to wear blue (although imagine what would have happened if he had tried to wear pink!).

marine blue

in any case, blue has been my mother’s favorite color as long as i can remember.  and she looks terrific in it!  she was wearing  a terry robe in the most fantastic blue when she came down for breakfast the other day.  i wish i knew the name of that blue—kind of a dark marine, or a light french blue.  mr. noir and i both remarked upon how it complemented the color of her eyes. and even though esme’s mother is not a shopper, she was happy to hear that blue is IN this year!

esme was trying to recall what her grandmother’s favorite color was.  if she had to make a guess she’d say red.  which is very interesting, because red and blue make……..what else?  purple, esme’s long-time fave!

don’t let anyone tell you that fashion has no meaning!



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