by admin on January 30, 2012

sort of like this but flat

esme has been wishing she had just the right red shoes for years.  red is not particularly “in” these days, but esme has fallen in love with it via her red coat.  she was shopping the sales the other day when she came across a fetching pair of red boots with little buttons up the side.  they were round-toed, nice and flatish, and had a zipper up the side so you didn’t actually have to button all those cute buttons.  esme tried to imagine what she could wear them with.  a black skirt….wide pants…..pants narrow enough to tuck in…..denim/red/black/gray……

esme had to admit that while they’d look fab with a few things, the shape of the boots and the shape of most of esme’s pants might not work together.  and would the red really get along with the red of esme’s coat?  plus, they were only 20% off!  so esme took a pass for now.  and she can’t recall the brand (an american brand, fairly new) so she can’t even gaze upon them on the web!

in the meantime, esme has come across hundreds and hundreds of dollars of on-sale shoes and boots (not to mention clothes) that she would buy if she had infinite funds.  a pair of gentle soul combat boots that she tried on months ago appeared with a significant markdown.  some black flats that might go with a dress were discovered at 75% off.  but each had it’s issues.  you know how unforgiving shoes can be!  so they too, have stayed on the shelf (or in someone else’s closet) for now.

still, esme has been thinking about each and every pair.  if nothing else, they’ll live on in memory!

liking red,



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