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cantarelli blazer

esme also has started a new class.  it’s called APPAREL ANALYSIS AND SELECTION and despite it’s rather dry title, it is essentially about the why’s and how’s of selecting one’s clothes.  it promises to be great fun and most instructive.  i so wish you all could take it with me!

esme is an autodidact when it comes to apparel selection.  (ah she has been longing to use that word for years!).  as you know, she has made more than her share of mistakes along her self-guided path to sartorial satisfaction.  so she’s looking forward to learning principles and philosophies of err….well…

esme, who turned out to be the only gray-hair in the class, chose her outfit carefully:  boyfriend jeans (by default), black favorite t, cantarelli blazer (years ago from madrigal), reiker brown/black shoes.  she felt right on target, which was a good thing, as our first in-class exercise involved analyzing what each others’ outfits communicated!  if i recall correctly, “professional” was one word used to describe esme.

we learned some wonderful vocabulary in the first class.  phrases such as “the silent language of clothing, “clothing symbol vocabularly”, and “clothing communication skills” set esme’s heart aflutter.  any of you who actually read fashion blogs most likely have no doubt that fashion has MEANING.  but for those of you who think fashion is all surface, do come to class with esme!

ready to go,

reiker shoes



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