by admin on February 2, 2012

off to class

here’s esme, off to class.  she’s wearing another ancient diana slavin tweed jacket, accidentally co-ordinating jeans bought a few years ago, and black t with black/brown shoes.

this was the class where we went around and introduced ourselves.  esme always loves this part, especially at mpc, where there are typically a lot of surprises.  despite what we are learning in class about the power of clothing to communicate, one can never really judge a book by it’s cover!

the students were instructed to name their favorite designer, as well as describe their dream job.  the modal favorite designer was betsy johnson, not one with whom esme is particularly familiar.  a quick check of her website revealed why:  completely age-appropriate for the college set;  completely non-age-appropriate for the woman of a certain age.

the most popular dream job was, not surprisingly, fashion designer.  but what intrigued esme was the outliers.  one shy, soft-spoken young woman, who is majoring in automechanics (that was surprise enough) revealed that her dream job was……coroner!  who woulda thunk?  and esme imagines there are lots of job opportunities in the field!  another young man listed his dream job as orchestra conductor—now how cool is that?

esme is doing her dream job:  fashion blogger!  she only wishes that it were a bit more profitable.

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