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esme just can’t resist telling you about a strange little thing that happened the other day.  i don’t know if you recall one of esme’s most intriguing readers, a person who goes by the name phashion plate.  for almost a year, esme assumed that this person was a she.  it then turned out that he was a he (married, straight, employed, with one son!).  the two have kept up an off and on correspondence, even though pp (for short) has never revealed his real name.

phashion is (as you might guess) very interested in fashion, and might have become a designer in another life.  but here’s the strange thing.  after reading esme’s blogs about her father, phashion sent the following email:  “I wish to report that I just had a dream with your father in it.   Somehow, my brain constructed a 3-D visage from your small 2-D picture.  So, the setting was a garden with raised beds and we were discussing vegetables.  I think they were green and leafy, but I’m not sure.”  esme likes to think that the image of leafy green vegetables is an optimistic one:  spring, renewal, greening…….

however, pp. did not address one important facet of the dream:  what was he wearing??  what was esme’s father wearing?  so pp., when you read this (as i know you will), do let us know the answer!

if we were all connected by six degrees of separationbefore the internet, how far are we from each other now?  three?  two?  will there come a time when we’re all one big blob of interconnected humanity?

degrees of separation

keep dreaming,


p.s. omg!  esme just realized the significance of the raised beds with leafy greens:  they were for the HAMSTER of course!!


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