by admin on February 5, 2012

cool pants!

nice boots!

speaking of self-esteem, esme has noticed a curious thing about her shopping.  she has assumed that the drive to find the perfect clothes must have something to do with seeking improvement in her own somewhat mercurial body image.  a kind of prozac for the self-image.  certainly, the need to define one’s boundaries, cover one’s flaws, and accentuate one’s remaining assets contributes to the motivation to shop.

however, just the other day, something altogether different struck esme: she realized that one of the reasons she has been buying so many clothes, is that, well……lots of things actually look good on her!  perhaps she is getting closer to knowing her own style; perhaps some of the currents looks and colors work for her body; perhaps if you try on enough clothes you will inevitably find things that are flattering!  indeed, having a certain amount of both free time and disposable income doesn’t hurt!  perhaps she is completely self-deluded…..

great blouse!

in any case, esme tends to get so excited when a garment or an outfit looks good on her that she assumes she must have it!  imagine if she did this with houses!  the lesson is simple:  just because something looks good on you does not mean that you need to buy it (esme to herself).

goodness! that insight could have taken years of psychoanalysis.  instead, it has taken a closet-full of clothes.  it’s probably a toss-up as to which would have been more costly.  i do know which has been more fun.


father of psychoanalysis



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