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br denim trouser

esme has been a jeans-for-daily-wear person for as long as she can remember.  however, as you may recall, she has recently been finding her jeans lacking in ultimate comfort.  her multitudinous attempts to explain the phenomenon have produced many speculations but no answers.  she has finally concluded that she needs to accept her disillusionment with jeans as a fact and forget about the explanations!

just as an aside, esme’s mother tells her that curiosity about causes has been an integral part of her personality since she was very small.  at quite a young age, esme began asking the single-word question “k-why?” and wouldn’t keep quiet until she got an answer.  i imagine that must have been cute at first but eventually rather exhausting for the parents!  well, esme is still asking “k-why”, but now the only person she exhausts is herself (and sometimes the patient mr. noir).

sooo…..back to jeans.  k-whys aside, esme has decided that her best bet is to forget about jeans for awhile and begin a search for just the right pair of denim trousers.  interestingly enough, one of the shop-owners esme spoke to recently noted that many women seemed to be making a similar transition, looking for trousers instead of jeans.

these trousers will need to live up to some very strict standards.  they should have a “mid-rise”, which in esme’s book means coming to just below the navel.  they should be higher in the back than in the front (to avoid that peek-a-boo effect).  the cut should be straight (ish).  the hips and thighs must be forgiving but not baggy.  there should be some air-space at the crotch (and no thick crotch-seam).  and of course, they should look great!

many brands seem to carry one pair of denim trousers.  good old banana republic claims to have one that is described as:

  • 60% Cotton, 36% Polyester, 4% Lastol
  • Our most dressed-up denim boasts a clean, dark wash and sleek trouser silhouette.
  • Front and rear welt pockets. Coin pocket. Zip fly and horn button closure. Belt loops.
  • Our denim is made under strict guidelines to ensure that the water used in washing and dyeing is safe and clean before it is released into the environment.  Mid-rise. Straight through the hip and thigh. Trouser leg.

sounds good to me!  however, between saturday (when esme first looked at this trouser on-line) and this morning, it appears that all but the size 16 have been sold out!  i guess i’m not the only one with denim trousers on the brain.

oh why oh why??



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