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dog-walking attire

esme has been experimenting with wearing neglected items from her closet for everyday wear. one issue is always this:  will the outfit be compatible with walking the dog?  for this purpose, the bottoms can’t be too long or too wide–esme doesn’t want to become a leaf-and-dirt catcher.  the fabric can’t be too fragile (just in case someone jumps up on her).  and the outfit should not need frequent dry-cleaning.

one day when esme planned to walk the dog and then take off for fashion class, she created an outfit that turned out to be a big success.  the piece de resistance was her colorful aventures skirt (dubbed her magic skirt awhile back).  she topped this with her usual black t, and added leggings for warmth and coverage.  to walk the dog she slipped on her trusty clark muckers, blue wind-breaker, and bucket hat.  she walked the scenic road pathway feeling comfy and just the right degree of eccentric!  upon her return, she was able to enlist mr. noir to document the outfit and the dog.

esme made some easy changes to get ready for class:  a pair of flat black dkny boots, her red coat, and no hat. of course she was tickled pink when she attracted compliments from a few of the students, and curiosity about how the skirt was constructed.  now, the red coat was really too long, but it was the best esme could do.

since that day, esme has been trying to analyze what made the outfit such a success.  it was all in the skirt, but why?  visually, it’s design is playful and unexpected.  it is the only skirt esme owns that comes just below the knee and is gently flared.  it has a flat, slightly loose elastic waist, and the fabric is light but just structured enough to be flattering.  esme is tempted to go on a quest for another skirt with similar characteristics, but that would really be looking for a needle in a haystack.  just enjoy the one you have, ok esme?

magic skirt

in love with my skirt,



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