by admin on February 10, 2012

moth jacket

esme was so thrilled by her magic skirt experiment that she dug even deeper in her closet and pulled out a little prairie underground skirt in moss green with brown accents.  why not try it with the same underpinnings—black leggings and black t—with a co-ordinated jacket on top?

esme loves the jacket (called a moth jacket by the designer) and wears it a lot on carmel’s foggy summer days.  however, she had to admit that, while this outfit was perfectly comfy, it just did not have the pizzazz of the magic skirt outfit.  greens are not esme’s best colors, and this one is particularly earthy and swampish–not in line with the brights that our eyes are getting used to this season.  the blacks with greens were ok, but the skirt probably needs just the right brown, green or even purple leggings and top to make it pop.  and then there is the matter of shoes……as mr. noir has been known to say, i like everything about it except the style, the color and the fabric! (you see what i live with??)

green/brown skirt

well, a bright smile will get you through the day, even if your outfit is not perfect.

keep smiling,



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