by admin on February 12, 2012

who could it be?

every once in a while something happens that is so silly you can’t help writing about it.  this is the case with a brouhaha heating up at esme’s gym.  the sauna (which esme uses on occasion to warm up and stretch out a bit before her swim) has been out of commission for a few days.  suddenly a stern notice appears on the door:  someone has been damaging the works by pouring too much water on the heater and management demands that the perpetrator turn herself in or else NO SAUNA.

at first esme got a good laugh out of this.  who could it be?  there are no instructions posted and a lovely little wooden bucket resides in the sauna with an equally lovely wooden scoop to pour water on the heater.  clearly, this sauna is meant to tolerate water, but how much is too much?  could esme herself be the unwitting saboteur?  at most, she has poured out 2 little scoops and the sauna has seemed fine……so she doesn’t THINK she could be the one….. still…….

other members were engaging in similar speculations.  and soon there was quite a chill in the air.  did someone know the identity of the perp?  if so, were they supposed to tell on her?  suddenly we were all under suspicion!  i won’t tell you what this reminded esme of (esme, if you recall, is jewish by background) but perhaps you can guess.  and omg, the sauna!  ok, let’s not even go there.

for now esme will stick to the pool and try to stay out of politics.

curiouser and curioser,



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