by admin on February 13, 2012


well guess what?  when esme next returned to her gym, the sauna was working again.  and in place of the threatening note on the door there appeared (as if by magic) clear instructions as to how to use the sauna!  hallelujah!

what we may never know is what exactly transpired.  did the perp actually figure out who she was and (gasp) turn herself in?  did management see the light and realize that a simple bit of common sense would fix the problem?  did someone pull strings?  was a visit by a local celebrity (oh let’s say dina eastwood) expected?

esme had hoped to snap a photo of the charming little wooden bucket and scoop used to (carefully) pour water on the heater.  but by the time she thought of it, the bucket (like the stern note) had disappeared.

so what happened?  perhaps you are old enough of recall the ad for haircolor which is etched esme’s brain to this day:  does she or doesn’t she?  only her hairdresser knows for sure!

mysteries abound,



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