by admin on February 14, 2012

just a little peek

one of esme’s chums had a wild idea:  let’s get together and create some boudoir photos for our significant others!  at first esme was not sure she could get behind this idea.  it was one of those things she would never have imagined doing in a million years.

and yet, the more she thought about it, the more she realized the idea had a certain charm.  she began creating outfits in her mind.  she mulled over what might (or might not) appeal to mr. noir.

so the other night (while mr. noir was away for a few days) a gaggle of us got together and started shooting.  soon esme was carried away by the creative possibilities.  there was the matter of lighting (the dim light in our living room that I’ve been complaining about for years turned out to be perfect).  flash or no flash (it depended on the pose and the background).  composition (fun to experiment with).  props (we all brought some).

poses turned out to be the trickiest issue for esme.  while some of us took to the limelight like ducks to water, others were a bit more shy.  esme  was one of the latter.  while at one time in history esme’s body might have been a bit va-va-voom, her personality was not.  she hit upon the idea of borrowing a few of mr. noir’s favorite clothes and going with a sort of androgynous/gamine persona.  perfect!  let me assure you that mr. noir’s cashmere blazer felt fantastic against the (almost) bare skin.

now esme is wondering if she could franchise the idea:  a girls’ night in…..boudoir photography as the new tupperware!  what do you think, ladies?

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