by admin on February 18, 2012

trying on pants

esme must confess that there are still good winter sales to be had, and that she is still circling them like a vulture, ready to pounce.  why just yesterday she dragged mr. noir along to scope out a going-out-of-business sale (up to 70% off!!!) in an odd store on ocean ave. called inago.  mr. noir is really talented at sniffing out a few prime pieces in such a setting, and esme had previewed some strange but compelling drop-crotch pants that she wanted him to look at.

after a bit of hesitation, esme had tried on the pants, made in italy of a creamy cotton-blend fabric.  they are a sort of high-fashion take on khaki’s, with something like a 15 inch rise and little strings to create ruching from ankle to knee in the back.  amazingly enough, they looked pretty amazing.  mr. noir agreed, and esme decided they may be just the answer to her difficulty finding pants with comfortable crotches.

what was even more amazing is that one of esme’s gym buddies just happened to come into the store at that moment.  seeing esme in the pants, she just had to try on a pair herself.  she ended up buying one in eggplant, and coveted esme’s khaki pair (the only one in an xs).  i think we’ll start a trend.  admittedly, this style wouldn’t work for all figures, but it sure did work for the 2 of us.

mr. noir found esme a number of interesting cotton blouses, one of which, in red plaid with bell sleeves, esme took home.  the sleeves, inevitably, will become crumb-catchers (or perhaps gravy-catchers) but they look pretty cool.  plus, the blouse is tailored so that you don’t need to tuck it in.

red plaid blouse

this is the sort of store where one might be tempted to go back every few days, hoping for further markdowns and the uncovering of hidden treasures.  but esme knows when she’s had enough (or does she?)

your clothing vulture,

esme (noir)


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