by admin on February 20, 2012


a little dog-kiss

if you own a dog, you will probably think this is wonderful.  if you don’t own a dog, i know you will think it’s gross.  but one day you’ll become a dog-owner and you’ll see what i mean.

there is nothing more touching than a dog-kiss.  mr. noir thinks this is disgusting, but he was away on a trip to chicago so hunter decided he’d better take advantage of the situation.  i often refer to hunter as an attack kisser.  he’ll sneak up on an unsuspecting person and before they know it they’ll have a bit of dog-tongue on(in) their lips!  get a load of that tongue!  and guess what?  he has really good breath.

all sorts of scientific articles warn of the germs you might pick up if you kiss your pet.  but inter-species kissing seems to be almost universal.  you can find photos of cats kissing dogs, dogs kissing horses, people kissing birds… goes on and on.  personally i draw the line at reptiles, but chaque-on son gout!

we are all more alike than we know,



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