by admin on February 22, 2012

with the excuse of looking for michelle obama’s orange-red sweater, esme decided to take a peek into the local j. crew store.  she didn’t find the sweater, but she did find some interesting tops.

french fisherman’s sweater

variations on the navy-and-white striped french fisherman’s sweater have been fashionable for some time.  esme had one in burgandy-and-cream when she was in high school, and wore is constantly.  it had a boat neck, 3/4 sleeves, and was made of a really thick cotton that had a distinctive, almost hempy smell.  i seem to recall many photos of esme wearing this garment, but can’t lay my hands on one at the moment.

one quest that esme has been on has been to find just the right top for a pair of cropped navy equestrian pants that she bought from the 50% off rack at pacific rim.  esme has been attracted to blues in all shades, including navy, recently.  however, she has very few blue-compatible garments in her closet, having been a black and gray person for so many years.  for her navy pants, she has been picturing something in blue and white, with perhaps a co-coordinating scarf.

j. crew had a panoply of blue and white striped knit cotton tops.  some had orange stripes mixed in (esme particularly liked these).  others had contrasting cuffs and necklines.  stephan-cori also had a really cute loose-cut blue and white striped top with blue piping and parts cut on the bias.  as it happened, esme just didn’t quite have the energy to try any of these tops on (can you imagine??) but plans to return (wearing the navy pants) after a restorative cup of something.

i always did imagine i might have been french in a previous life,



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