by admin on February 23, 2012

fit your biggest part

here’s a little tip that esme gleaned from her fashion teacher:  buy clothes to fit your biggest part.

esme has wondered about this for years.  let’s say a blouse in a size small fits everywhere but pulls in the bust, do you buy the small and hope for the best/move the button, or go up to the medium, which may be a bit large everywhere else?  or, your jeans look good but pinch in the waist–see if they’ll stretch or try on a bigger size?  and oh my….think about bras:  if one side’s a bit bigger than the other, which do you accommodate?

apparently, (even though at this point you may be tempted to fantasize about plastic surgery) the standard advice is to go for the bigger size!  don’t tailor yourself, tailor your garment!

esme confronted this very problem the other day when she bought her red plaid blouse with bell sleeves.  the small looked really good, but was tight in the bust and shoulders.  as you know, esme can’t stand anything tight, so she went for the medium.  ideally, she should get the sleeves shortened, but for now she’ll live with them a tad long.

note that some of the fashion bloggers esme follows advice that women whose clothes really fit well almost always get them tailored.  esme is beginning to see their point, although she is too cheap to follow this advice unless it’s absolutely necessary.  of course, if you can sew, you are way ahead of the game.

shopping for my bust,



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