by admin on February 25, 2012

dog ears

something i’ve been in love with recently is animal ears.  yes, you heard that correctly—the ears of animals.  of course, hunter has very attractive and distinctive ears–large, upright and expressive.  people always remark on his ears, although sometimes they notice his markings.  one woman on the scenic pathway described him as “a graphic statement”!!  only in carmel!  anyway,  hunter’s ears are the softest part of his body and have a delightful smell.  when christophe was younger he used to brush his lips across hunter’s ears—so sensual!

and just think about cat ears—the fine fur on the inside and the way they flick…..the pinkish cast they take on in sunlight.  why just this morning esme and hunter came across the most marvelous animal ears.  they belonged to two little wild rabbits who were backlit by the sun, making their ears glow red.  esme even managed to snap a photo before they disappeared

what might be the fabric equivalent of an animal ear?  velvet?  soft but a bit too thick.  silk?  thinner but not furry.  a very very fine silk velvet?  maybe.  how i would love to have a dress made of fabric as soft as a dog’s ear!

animal ear hat

wild for ears,





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