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outfit in navy

the noirs decided to venture out of their immediate neighborhood the other day to try a new restaurant.  when you live in carmel, you get very spoiled by how close everything is to everything else, and driving 20 minutes to a restaurant seems like a long journey.  goodness!  when we lived in san francisco we expected to spend 20 minutes just looking for a parking space!

anyway, mr. noir’s dental hygienist had told him about a restaurant in marina called frutti di mar.  if your dental hygienist recommends a place, it must be healthy, right?  esme looked it up on the web and noticed that the photo showed white napkins.  ah, an excuse to change out of her boyfriend jeans and give some of her clothing a spin!

she paired her navy blue equestrian pants (remember, she’s in a blue phase) with a colorful blouse purchased a few years ago at rittmaster and some denim blue sandals she had found in oak park over the summer.  on top of the whole she wore one her favorite garments:  a long wool jacket in a dark navy twill purchased at diana slavin in the city circa 1992.  never mind that the jacket just barely buttons…’s still stylin’!  and the shoulder pads are hardly visible, unlike those in most of her wonderful but quite dated diana slavins.    such a pity that esme’s work-wardrobe career spanned the ’80’s and ’90’s, when those darn over-sized shoulder-pads were ubiquitous and impossible to re-tailor.

well, the restaurant turned out to be fabulous, despite it’s location in a strip mall.  warm ciabatta bread, excellent caesar salad, calamari (which we really didn’t need) and salmon fillet over garlicky pasta.  esme was the most dressed-up person there, but she didn’t mind in the least.  why not bring a touch of the big city into the burbs?

both the oufit and the restaurant turned out to be keepers.  esme even prevailed upon mr. noir to snap a pic of her when they got home.

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