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marchesa gown

the amazing thing about watching the oscars this year is that mr. noir and esme had actually seen a goodly number of the featured films, including but not limited to:  THE ARTIST, HUGO, and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.  mr. noir had even seen THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO;  esme had read the book but didn’t think she could handle the violence in movie form.

nonetheless, esme’s favorite actress by far and away was rooney mara.  esme is totally in love with her blue eyes, alabaster skin, and black hair, as well as her severe yet gamine look.  the white givenchy gown she chose contrasted beautifully with her punk dragon tattoo persona, but it was her own beauty, not that of the gown, that struck esme. esme would be completely satisfied to look just like rooney mara!

ah rooney!

when it came to gowns, esme would have loved to be wearing george clooney’s girlfriend (stacey kiebler)’s light gold marchesa, which featured a rose-like swirl at the hip.  well, except that she already has mr. noir, esme really wouldn’t mind being george clooney’s girlfriend for a day either!  he has the cutest smile!  and considering that esme used to know about as much about actors and actresses as she does about football, she amazes herself by even knowing who these people are!

amongst the intimate gathering that watched the show while chomping on gourmet pizza and sipping champagne, there was controversy over meryl streep’s gown.  some thought it was terrible, and didn’t work with her blonde hair, while esme really liked it on meryl—i mean how could you NOT win an oscar dressed in a rich column of liquid gold?  esme did not, however covet the gown, as it would not have looked good on her at all!

she did rather covet jean dujardin, who is a total dish, and she wouldn’t in the least mind being berenice bejo.  in her current incarnation, she could never wear the pale green gown that looked smashing on berenice.

speaking of color, deep orange lipstick seemed to be all the rage, and looked fine with the gowns in various shades of gold and white.  angelina jolie carried it off with particular aplomb (oh those lips!) but looked positively anorexic with her coat-hanger shoulders tapering to stick-like limbs.  shudder!  esme will have to try some orange lip-stick, although she’s not at all sure that she can carry it off with her gray hair and light skin.

ok, so perhaps i’d like to be rooney mara crossed with berenice bejo sporting angelina’s lips, wearing stacey kiebler’s gown and dating george cluney and jean dujardin (at the same time of course)!

how about you?

lost in fantasy,



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