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dog kisses










esme TOLD you that dog kisses were formidable!!  look at this one!!  phashion plate asked why i hadn’t featured uggie in my oscar review…..well, i had planned to, but it just got away from me.  so here it is.  uggie looked adorable at the oscars, but when esme saw him his tail was down.  esme was quite worried because, as any of you dog-people know, a dog with his tail down is not a happy dog.  i don’t know what the trouble was—maybe the spotlight freaked him out—but asap jean dujardin had scooped him up and the two were kissing like the partners-in-crime they are.

esme was distressed to learn that uggie apparently suffers from some sort of illness:

The Academy Awards are likely Uggie’s last big event since he is going to retire from film. He is suffering from a mystery neurological disorder.  “It comes and goes,” trainer Omar Von Muller had said. “It is a shame this has happened when he is getting the biggest success of his career, but we feel the best thing to do is to retire him after the Oscars.” ( from

goodness!  i know that stars are subject to all sorts of difficulties, but uggie is a relatively young animal and surely doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem….how sad.

note that the dog magazine for the intelligent reader (that’s my subtitle), THE BARK, has a wonderful article about uggie and his training.

still kissing my dog,



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