by admin on February 29, 2012

forever 21

look how chic this athlete looks, arriving at the gym for a little swim.  esme couldn’t help but comment on the playful juxtaposition of brights (hot pink sweatshirt, neon-blue espadrilles) brought together by the co-coordinating stripes in the bag.  turns out the whole outfit (even the jeans) had been purchased for a song at forever 21.  and so cheerful!  of course you know that neon brights are still totally in.

you would never believe that this swimmer with the radiant smile recently crossed over the line into her 50’s.  of course, swimmers tend to be well-preserved (if i do say so myself).  their builds are sleek as sea-otters:  neither skinny nor fat, but displaying a nice ratio of muscle to adipose tissue.  the chlorine does dry out one’s skin, and daily sun-exposure takes it’s toll, as esme will be the first to tell you.  still, if anyone could claim to be forever 21…….

esme will just have to go and re-check this shop.  the first and only time she ventured in, the store was so big that she was overwhelmed, but she’s been meaning to go back and look for accessories and perhaps a color-blocked something or two.

nope, i wouldn’t really want to be forever 21,



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